Expert Assignments and Positions of Responsibility

Member of evaluation committee: Nordic Council Music Prize (2019)

The Nordic Council Music Prize pays attention to the creation and performance of music at a high artistic level. Every two years the prize is given to a work by a now living composer and every two years the prize goes to a larger or smaller ensemble. The Nordic Council of Ministers appoints a Nordic…

Board assignment: Danscentrum Syd (2014)

Danscentrum was established as a national arts research center in 1971 and has over the years developed into trade organization for the free dance area. Danscentrum is a national organization with four independent regional organizations; Danscentrum Stockholm, Danscentrum West, Danscentrum South and Danscentrum North. Danscentrum is also the Confederation of employers in free dance and have…

Expert assignment: Chairperson for network support, Nordic Council of Ministers / Nordic Culture Point

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture focuses on providing support to professional artists and cultural operators and facilitating their opportunities to travel in and collaborate with colleagues and organisations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This involves the provision of financial support for travel, networks and residential centres. The programme is open to professional artists,…

Board assignment (Vice Chair): Stockholms läns Blåsarsymfoniker (Stockholm County Wind Ensemble) with Länsmusiken i Stockholm and the Musikaliska Concert Hall

The Musikaliska Concert Hall on Nybro quay in Stockholm offers a wide variety of concerts for people of all ages – chamber music, family concerts, orchestras, world famous names and newcomers. Musikaliska is operated by the Stockholms läns blåsarsymfoniker association, which comprises the Blåsarsymfonikerna orchestra (Swedish Wind Ensemble) and Länsmusiken i Stockholm (regional music institution)….

Expert assignment: Nordic Culture Fund (2004-2008)

Nordic Culture Fund, expert in the field of music and cross-cultural issues 2004-2008. See Nordic Culture Fund.

Board assignment: Nordic Institute in Greenland (2002-2006)

NAPA – Nordic Institute in Greenland, located in the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Nuuk. Board member/observer from 2002 to 2006. See NAPA.

Board assignment: Norden Association Stockholm (2006-2008)

Norden Association Stockholm. Board member 2006-2008. See Norden Association.

Board assignment: Swedish Cultural Foundation (2003-2006)

Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. Board member with responsibility for grant allocations in the Åboland region 2003-2006. See Swedish Cultural Foundation

Board assignment: Åland Festival of Culture (2002-2005)

Åland Festival of Culture and Åland Concert Association. Board member and chairperson 2002-2005.