About Ulrika Lind

My professional activities relate to the entire chain – from artists and initial ideas to policy decisions and public aspects, and they also focus on assessing how cultural exchanges contribute to international dialogue in the areas of diplomacy and business. The availability of good economic conditions for art and culture is important, even if achieving a rich cultural life is something slightly different.

Art evokes something important in many of us and provides a fruitful environment for allowing people to meet and interact with each other. Important aspects in this respect are that art can be created, that the art scene has good conditions to allow it to thrive and that venues are accessible to as many people as possible, via both analogue and digital channels. Being given the opportunity when young to experience artistic expressiveness is essential for fostering creativity. The same is true with regard to providing culture in the health and care environments.

The above is the arena in which I am active. I look forward to working with you.


All the best,